The reiki sessions I have had with Jen have been immensely powerful.  She cultivates an environment that feels safe, nurturing, and supportive through her unwavering attention and warm presence.  Her groundedness and intuitiveness was palpable in her touch.  Waves of energy ripple through me, emotional blockages release, and I emerge filled with peace and space.  For days after a session with Jen I experience a centeredness that holds fast through challenging moments.  Jen's profound gift to foster emotional and physical harmony is something everyone should try!       -Annie R.

 Jen is an intelligent, thoughtful, kind person and it all comes across in her work.  Comfortable in both the corporate world and the yoga/bodywork scene, she bridges two worlds with grace, making her a perfect fit whether this is your first or your hundredth time with energy work.  Placing yourself in her hands means sinking into self care, as she listens beautifully to your needs, your comfort level and your body.  She will give you what you need.  Go see her.  - Laura P.

Reiki has been a tremendous blessing in my life.  I met Jennifer through our reiki master program and have since continued to work together which is always a pleasure.  Jennifer always sets the tone for the reiki experience with a welcoming and accepting environment.  Jennifer also closely listens to my needs and finds a way to rebalance me with calm focus.  I always walk away feeling refreshed and "reset".   Thanks for sharing your gifts with me Jennifer!  -Kathleen C.

I have had two experiences with Jen and both have been extraordinary.  In her presence I feel like I am in a dream like state with visuals and light patterns displaying in my mind while my heart opens and expands.  I have realizations about myself and how I feel in subtle yet powerful ways.  I've cried and laughed and felt surrounded in warmth both times.  She helped me release a huge weight that I didn't even know I was carrying.  After the session I felt more fully self expressed, lighter and free of ties and blocks that kept me from being who I really am.  I could never go to another reiki practitioner.   Jen is the best.  -Anne K.